Photo Workshop | 13.09.2023 | The Ground

Photo Workshop | 13.09.2023 | The Ground

We're sure that when you started your own business you made, just like we did, some incorrect assumptions about the glamourous lifestyle starting your own business would provide.



Freedom is one of the most popular reasons that a lot of people start their own businesses.

They want to be able to work on what they want, when they want, from wherever they want.

Is this ringing a bell?


Well let's get real...


The Truth

When we started getting serious about wedding photography about 7 years ago, our lives felt anything but free...


We had so much on our plate, we were spending more time working than anyone else that we knew (and NO WEEKENDS), and we were completely and utterly overwhelmed.


Can you relate?


We can tell you from a deeply personal experience that in reality there is very little about running your own start-up that is glamourous. In truth, it is actually very, very hard in the beginning.

Anyone that tells you that starting your own business is easy is a dirty liar.


The Breakthrough

Looking back, the problem wasn't really that we had too much to do - it was that we didn't know what to focus on.


Sure we tried to prioritize, but without experience or access to the necessary knowledge we were really just taking a stab in the dark when it came to deciding what to spend our time on.

It took us years of experience to figure out what really works when it comes to building a successful photography business.


If you don't want to spend years trying to figure this out all on your own keep reading.....


How We Can Help You

As you may know, we are passionate believers of sharing knowledge.

One of our favourite quotes is "You Can Learn From Mistakes Or Mentors."

With our upcoming workshop, we aim to teach you valuable tools and tips (that we picked up through the years) and share with you what works and when to "say no to nonsense".

Here is what we will be covering over the two days (in broad terms):


*Marketing and business

*Photography and editing

*A styled shoot with models (Practical application)


Sounds like something that would benefit you?

Then we would love to see you there!


Amanda + Goshia

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